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Business Storage

Making your money work harder

Office space is a major overhead for any business. Making full use of it is essential, and we know this can be a challenge. Greenspace offers flexible storage options to ensure your office is cost efficient. Whatever you need, we can provide it. Call us for further details.

Archive Old Files

Having to legally keep business paperwork for a number of years can be a burden on your ever diminishing office space. By archiving at Greenspace, you can rejuvenate your tired cluttered office, and have piece of mind that your documents are secure and easily accessible. We can even organise to pick your files up , so you have no excuse to keep putting it off.

Extend Office Space

Our storage units can readily be transformed into fresh new office space, at a fraction of the price it would cost to increase your pre-existing working area. With no overheads to worry about, it’s the easiest way to enhance your productivity without having to move.

Store New or Old Stock

If your business has a continuous flow of new and old stock , a re-occurring problem may be space. Where can your store your goods safely? Whether it’s for 1 week or 1 month, Greenspace has a large selection of secure units on offer. Maybe you need to store your existing stock closer to your customers? Call Greenspace and see what we can offer.

New or Old Office Equipment

With technology moving at great speed, and safety standards on the increase, we understand that businesses can accumulate more furniture and more equipment than ever before. Whether it’s new or old, store it safely at Greenspace. Give yourself time to find a buyer for your old equipment, or time to sort out your office space – there’s no rush.


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