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Hints & Tips

**Get the best results from self storage**

Packing Your Unit

It makes sense to pack your things in equal sized boxes, this way they are safer and easier to stack. Greenspace has a large selection of boxes on offer which are purpose made for self storage use. Remember to put the heavy boxes on the bottom, and the lighter ones on top. It’s advisable to leave small walkways between boxes too, so you can get to your things without having to empty the entire unit!


Each box should be packed sensibly. It should weigh no more than 50lbs, and the contents should not rattle when you shake the box. To prevent warping of furniture and mildew forming, leave a space between the wall and your boxes to allow the air to circulate. Laying plastic sheeting on the floor and stacking boxes on top of wooden pallets can prevent condensation damage.

Don’t Stack ½ Full Boxes

A common mistake with self storage is that people try and stack boxes that are not full. It is important to try and fill every box, otherwise they will collapse when more weight is placed on top. Use crumpled up newspaper if necessary, or purchase some packing filler from a wide selection on offer here at Greenspace.

Metal Items

Precious metals like silver should be wrapped in non-acidic tissue paper or plastic bags to reduce tarnishing. Other metal items such as lawnmowers and filing cabinets should be treated with rust protector first or at least be wiped down with an oily rag.

White Goods

These should be clean and dry before going into storage. To prevent mildew forming, keep doors slightly ajar. You could even place a deodorizer inside to maintain freshness.

Electrical Goods

Be sure to wrap items carefully in bubble wrap, and secure fragile moving parts to prevent damage in transit. If you are planning on storing a computer longer than 6 months, please consult your retailer for advice.

Battery Operated Toys/Appliances

Please remember to remove batteries ,they can leak over time and damage goods.


Reduce the size of furniture by removing legs and dismantling as much as possible. Remember to keep all the screws in a safe place. Tying them in a bag to the correlating piece of furniture saves a lot of stress when it comes to putting it back together! All items should be removed from inside to protect the shelving and structure of the furniture.


These items should be packed in strong, secure cartons with mothballs to help maintain the condition of the clothing. Space-saving clothing bags are a good investment.

Crockery and Glassware

Ensure bubble wrap or similar is packed at the bottom and top of cartons. You can stand ‘nest’ cups, bowls and plates on their edges and fill the gaps with paper. Protect very fragile items by wrapping them individually using special packing paper – newspaper is not suitable as it is very messy and leaves print on your items.

Mirrors, Windows and Paintings

Fragile items like these should be protected with packing material (available from Greenspace), and be stored standing upright as oppose to lying flat.

No Flammables

Under no circumstance should you store anything flammable in a storage building. No petrol, oil or paint thinners. If you need to store machinery that runs on flammable fuel, drain the tank first. If you are unsure whether a product is allowed in storage, please call us and we will be happy to advise you.


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