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Home & Personal Storage

Having somewhere safe to store your valued possessions is a huge benefit. With Greenspace, you no longer have to worry whilst you go on holiday, wait to move house, or attempt to decorate. Your belongings are secure. You are the key holder, you have the access.

Moving House

Making your home look as large as possible to potential buyers is a must in today’s housing market. Free up space by storing your large items away and add thousands to your sale price. Perhaps you’ve sold but are waiting for an exchange? Store your home contents securely at Greenspace.


This can prove tricky due to the amount of furniture and possessions many of us accumulate. Trying to shift them from room to room is possibly the worst part of decorating. Why not store them out of the way at Greenspace until you’ve finished?


Many of us now have clutter overtaking our spare rooms, garages and living rooms, but you just don’t know what to do with it! Whether it’s old LP collections, kid’s toys or garden furniture – get it out of your home and into Greenspace.


Worrying about valuables at home whilst you’re away on holiday can be a burden. Reclaim your peace of mind, and your holiday, by storing your possessions safely at Greenspace.


Going home during term breaks can be a chore, especially if you have to carry all your stuff back with you. Why not hire one of our 20 sq ft spaces for a few weeks and save yourself the hassle?


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